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Cory Waters / 2017-05-03

I’m a data scientist at a political consulting firm.

Here’s some examples of work I’ve done in politics.

🔗 ShowcaseDashboard of plotting examples
🔗 Analysis of DistrictPlotly version of static demographic graphs
🔗 District AnalysisStatic Charts with ToC
🔗 Election ResultsInteractive mapping of results by polling place
🔗 Google TrendsGoogle trends by congressional district
🔗 Allen West out of state Donations
🔗 Precinct ViewerExplore precinct data

I’m also in the process of putting together a book on applying R to sports betting. It probably won’t be done anytime soon but I’ve started putting up some of the scripts to github. It’s focused on US sports, mainly NFL and NBA.

In the past I created all the statistical material, edited, and wrote some of the content for the OOBG magazine.

Here’s the 2017 edition (the last year I was involved).

And the Vietnamese (catering to Vietnamese Americans) version of the magazine